Our center provides advanced radiochemistry capabilities that can be applied to a wide range of research questions. The center includes labs, a cyclotron for radionuclide production, five cleanrooms for GMP-level synthesis of diagnostic agents for basic research, translational imaging and personalized medicine, all housed within a state-of-the-art facility. Our radiochemists are available to consult with scientists on and off campus who are looking to use these capabilities to further their research.  

List of services

  • Cyclotron production of short-lived radionuclides: 11C, 13N, 15O,
    18F, 89Zr and more
  • Precursors for introducing these radionuclides into larger
  • Production of cGMP quality imaging agents for human and animal
  • Quality control assays using GC-MS and HPLC-MS
  • Metabolite assays using HPLC with radioactivity, UV and MS
  • PET imaging data analysis. 
    CRR provides a suite of image-analysis workstations
  • Kinetic modeling of dynamic PET studies
  • INDs and regulatory support for imaging agents
  • Labeling of small molecules as well as peptides and proteins

Currently available imaging agents

  • 13N-ammonia for perfusion imaging
  • 15O-water for measuring blood flow
  • 18F-fluorothymidine, a thymidine analog for measuring cellular proliferation
  • 18F-fluoromisonidazole for imaging tissue hypoxia
  • 18F-fluoroestradial for measure estrogen receptor density in breast cancer
  • 18F-fluoride- bone uptake
  • 11C-meta-hydroxyephedrine, a norepinephrine analog for measuring NE reuptake (pre-synaptic function of the cardiac sympathetic nervous system, SNS)
  • 11C-CGP12177, a beta receptor antagonist to measure post-synaptic SNS function
  • 11C-verapamil for measure P-glycoprotein activity
  • 11C-rosuvastatin organic cation transporter
  • 11C-acetate for imaging fatty acid metabolism
  • 11C-flumazenil for imaging gabaergic receptors
  • 11C and 18F agents for imaging TSPO
  • 11C-quinuclidinyl benzyiate for imaging muscarinic receptors
  • 11C-nicotine –to assess nicotine
  • 11C-glucose –to assess glucose
    metabolism (also 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose analog)
  • 11C-tetrabenazine –monoamine
    transport brain
  • 11C-PBR28 –bind TSPO for
    inflammation imaging
  • Multiple imaging agents for the dopaminergic and seritonergic system

Additional imaging agents may be available by request. Please contact us for a consultation.

Faculty and Staff


Jeanne Link, PhD, Director and Radiochemist

Kenneth Krohn, PhD, Professor and Radiochemist

Dexing Zeng, PhD, Director of Organic Chemistry


Trudi Ahlquist, BS, Lab Assistant

JD Lynam, BS, Radiochemist

Kilsun Kim, MS, Analytical Chemist

Hope Phillips, MS, Program Coordinator

Gary Rosenberg, PhD, Regulatory Specialist

Brian Thurston, PharmD, BCNP, Radio-Pharmacist

Lingyi Sun, MS, Research Associate