OHSU School of Medicine

"OHSU School of Medicine offers a rich, multi-faceted environment for medical students, graduate students and faculty. The School, with roots dating back to 1887, is dedicated to educating highly qualified physicians, scientists and other health professionals, and to helping meet the health care needs of all Oregonians. The School is a national leader in biomedical research, translating new scientific knowledge into tangible benefits for humankind." - Mark A. Richardson, Dean  

  • OHSU is the only place in Oregon that grants doctoral degrees in medicine, dentistry and nursing
  • OHSU is the only academic health center in the nation with a school of science and engineering focused exclusively on human and environmental health
  • OHSU sends each of its medical students into rural communities for five weeks to train alongside local physicians to learn from, and better understand, the needs of patients and health care professionals in settings outside urban areas

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OHSU offers continuing education programs throughout the state. More than 17,000 practicing professionals take part each year in hundreds of courses and seminars. We broadcast many continuing education programs, enabling us to serve individuals throughout the state.