My OHSU Heart Story - by Miguel

OHSU Heart Patient Story – Miguel“I can’t possibly be having a heart attack,” said Miguel Martinez, when chest pain kept him up one night.

But the pain wasn’t going away.

A few years ago, Miguel had a stent put in. Defiant and in denial, he stopped taking his heart medication and got lax with the diet and exercise. And now he was paying for it - with a heart attack.

The artery where his stent was located was totally blocked. An angiogram showed three more arteries were 90 percent blocked.  To get more blood to Miguel’s heart and prevent further problems, OHSU heart surgeons performed a triple bypass operation, using arteries from Miguel’s arm and under his breastbone.

OHSU heart surgeons believe that avoiding heart disease is a collaborative approach. Miguel now agrees. Eating heart-healthy foods, getting moderate exercise, reducing stress and taking medication to reduce cholesterol all contribute toward a healthy heart.

Miguel learned healthy cooking and traded his car for a bicycle. He credits OHSU's cardiac care for helping him understand the reasons for the right choices.

If you have questions or concerns about your heart health, don’t wait until it’s too late. Ask your doctor about OHSU or call today for an appointment.


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