My OHSU Heart Story - by Ann

Ann LaGrande's OHSU StoryMy heart wasn't beating effectively, so I decided to find out what was going on. I was referred by my family doctor to Dr. Cigarroa at OHSU, who promptly sent me for a cardiac catheterization to find out why that was happening. The test showed I had blockage. But instead of just putting a stent in, Dr. Cigarroa recommended a conservative course of action: Cardiac Rehabilitation at OHSU.

For 12 weeks, three times a week, I went to Cardiac Rehab and worked on improving my physical and heart strength. Because the sessions were carefully monitored, I gained the confidence I could exercise and improve my health and my heart. Plus it convinced me exercise would be a major factor in lowering my blood pressure. Each Wednesday after the exercise portion of cardiac rehab, the class was extended to include vital information ranging from nutrition to how the heart works.

Brad and Trevor, the OHSU exercise physiologists at Cardiac Rehab had extraordinary talents of caring for their patients as well as an easy style for teaching heart-healthy lessons. They were most inspirational to my success in completing the 12-week program and motivating me to continue a healthy lifestyle of exercise and nutrition.Now I do aerobic swimming, walking, bicycling and exercise at the gym every week. My health is better, and I feel so much better. My attitude toward taking control of my health has improved greatly.


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