My OHSU Heart Story - by Aki

aki-from-the-heartAs an Aikido instructor, Aki is a master at self-defense. But one day after teaching class in his Southwest Portland studio, he felt a sharp pain in his chest. Suddenly he faced a new and deadly opponent.

Rapid response is key in a cardiac emergency. Luckily, Aki wasted no time and called 911. In minutes he arrived at OHSU's emergency room in an ambulance - the only accredited chest pain center on Portland’s westside. Because of the coordination that is required of a chest pain center, a team of OHSU emergency doctors, cardiologists and nurses were already waiting for him, knowing that every minute was crucial for him to survive his heart attack.

While the initial moments were extraordinarily dramatic - doctors had to revive him four times - Aki's dedicated care team made sure he had the best, most responsive, advanced medical treatment. 5 days later, he walked out of the hospital.

Thanks to the care he received at OHSU, today Aki feels better and more optimistic about his life and his health than he has ever before.


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