Otolaryngology Training Program Alumni

Class of 2017

Faisal Ahmad, MD –University of Texas MD Anderson, Head &Neck Surgical Oncology & Reconstruction Fellow 

Edward El Rassi, MD - Massachusetts Eye and Ear, Rhinology Fellow

Class of 2016

John Gleysteen, MD –Jefferson University, Head &Neck Surgery Fellow 

Lauren Luk, MD –Rhinologist, Kaiser Orange County;Emory University, Rhinology Fellow 2016-2017 

Ritter Sansoni, MD –University of New South Whales, Sydney, Rhinology Fellow 2016-2017;University of Texas MD Anderson, Advanced Head &Neck Surgical Oncology Fellow 2018-2019 

Class of 2015

Maria Buniel, MD - Private Practice, Billings Clinic, Billings MT

Mathew Geltzeiler, MD - University of Pittsburgh, Oncologic Head and Neck Surgery Fellow

Selena Liao, MD - OHSU, Otolaryngology, Thyroid Fellow from 7/1/2015 - 9/30/2015

Class of 2014

Kara Detwiller, MD - MPH Program Harvard University, North Western University, Rhinology Fellow

Renee Park, MD - University of Pittsburgh, Peds Fellow

Lourdes Quintanilla-Dieck, MD - University of Vanderbilt, Peds Fellow

Class of 2013

Daniel Clayburgh, MD, PhD - Head and Neck Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh

Daniel Brickman, MD - Head and Neck Fellowship, Oregon Health & Science University

Jessyka Lighthall, MD - Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Fellow, University of Minnesota

Class of 2012

Matthew Miller, MD - Otology and Neurotology Fellowship, Johns Hopkins University; Academic Practice, University of North Dakota

Lisa Morris, MD - Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship, Upstate Medical University, NY

Lorien Paulson, MD - Pediatric Otolaryngology Fellowship, University of North Carolina; Academic Practice, Children's Mercy Hospital Kansas City

Marcus Monroe, MD - Head & Neck Fellowship, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas

OHSU Otolaryngology / Head & Neck Surgery Alumni

If you are interested in seeing where some of our residents and fellows have gone after their training at OHSU, here is a listing of all our past residents and fellows back to 1930.