Hearing, Balance & Cochlear Implants

OHSU Cochlear Implant Program

Welcome to the OHSU Cochlear Implant Program! We are a team of expertly trained professionals dedicated to providing state-of-the art care to individuals with severe to profound hearing loss. Our center is located in the Physician’s Pavilion Building on the OHSU campus.

OHSU has been providing cochlear implant services since 1983. We have undergone significant growth in the last decade and are now recognized as the largest implant program in the Pacific Northwest. The program has implanted over 1,000 patients, and now routinely implants over 100 patients each year. We offer the latest in implant technology from Cochlear Americas, Advanced Bionics, and Med El.  All of these manufacturers' implants are FDA approved and provide excellent benefits.

A multidisciplinary team approach is used at OHSU in cochlear implantation. The Cochlear Implant Program consists of our surgeon, Dr. Timothy E. Hullar, our PA, Sarah Liebler, and audiologists with specialized training in caring for patients with cochlear implants. Working together as a team with the patient, the best cochlear implant is chosen for that particular person and the best possible implantation care and follow-up is provided. More information

OHSU Hearing Aids and Audiology

The OHSU Hearing Aid and Audiology programs work with patients to provide the very best in hearing aid technology, hearing exams, and hearing assessment.

Audiology Service

Who would benefit from a visit to our Audiology Service? Any person who is concerned about their hearing or the hearing of a loved one, is having difficulty understanding conversation in select situations, or has been exposed to loud noises. If you have ringing (Tinnitus) in the ears or are profoundly deaf and would like to explore the option of a cochlear implant. Patients who would like to obtain devices to protect their hearing; or a person who needs an audiologist to speak to a group about current and future technology for the hearing impaired individual, can benefit from our services. 

More information about the Audiology Services

Hearing Aids

There are many choices when deciding where to purchase a hearing aid. At OHSU we are unique because we provide our patients with exams, fittings, and hearing aid technology while working with our patients' medical, financial, and emotional needs.

  • We take an ethical position to not "sell" to a patient. OHSU Audiology staff are salary compensated.
  • Our Audiologists have a minimum of a Master's degree, hold state and national licensure, and have a license to dispense hearing aid equipment.
  • We offer multiple manufacturers to address the diverse needs of our patients. One product does not fit all.
  • Hearing aid use requires an adjustment period as well as maintenance. We welcome visits from our hearing aid patients for fine tuning and cleaning of the hearing aids at no charge.
  • We do not bundle costs. We do not use gimmicks that deceptively offer discounts and free hearing aid evaluations in return for a higher priced hearing aid. Our bottom line cost (the price YOU pay) is usually much more affordable than competing retail hearing aid outlets.

More information about hearing aids and the OHSU services

Vestibular Disorders - Balance Related Patient Care

A vestibular disorder is a problem with balance. The vestibular system includes your eye, ear, and parts of your brain that sense motion. Your eye (visual system), your balance system in the inner ear (vestibular) , and your brain (sensory) systems that sense motion and position. When it works correctly, the vestibular, visual, and sensory systems make you feel stable when you are standing, walking, or sitting. A person with a vestibular disorder will feel dizzy, lightheaded, or have a feeling like motion sickness when sitting or standing still. A vestibular disorder is the 9th most common reason people visit their doctor for advice. Most people would be able to walk across a street, transitioning from a driveway to a sidewalk or grass, and down a curb to the road. Those people who have a vestibular (balance) disorder would stumble, feel unsteady, and not be able to balance during these transitions. 

Dr Anh Nguyen-Huynh (Dr Anh) is our vestibular (balance) disorder expert. Dr Anh can help diagnose and treat your disorder, and prove you with the necessary care you need to resolve your balance issues. The testing he provides is able to identify the presence of dizziness or imbalance due to problems in the vestibular system. Dr Anh is a board certified, experienced doctor in balance-related disorders and skull base surgery (which is sometimes needed). He will work with you to manage your symptoms and to evaluate the causes of your dizziness and balance issues. Click here if you want more information about the OHSU Vestibular Clinic and Program.