Employment Opportunities

We offer employment at the faculty level, but also offer post-doctoral and research staff positions. Follow the instructions listed with each employment opportunity if you are interested in applying.

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Faculty positions

There are currently no faculty positions available.

Postdoctoral Positions

Nicolson Lab Postdoctoral Position

The lab studies the development and function of sensory hair cells in zebrafish. Through forward and reverse genetizebra fishc approaches, we have identified many genes that are required for mechanotransduction (tmc1/2, cdh23, pcdh15a, myo7a, tmie, myo6b, tmhs, and tomt) and synaptic transmission (ribeye, cav1.3a, rbc3a, vglut3, synj1). The majority of these genes are implicated in human deafness and the zebrafish is an excellent alternative model for auditory/vestibular dysfunction.

We use many different types of methods to analyze genes and mutant phenotypes in embryonic and larval zebrafish. Our work involves analyses at the molecular, genetic, cellular, physiological, and behavioral levels. Applicants with expertise in using a genetic model system such as flies, mice or zebrafish will be considered. Expertise in molecular biology and histology is helpful. In addition, it would be very advantageous (but not required) if the applicant has experience with calcium imaging or electrophysiology.

The position is immediately available. Please send a cover letter indicating your interest in a particular aspect of our work, along with your cv and the email addresses of three references. A track record of solid publications and productivity is important for serious consideration.

Please email documents to: