Danielle de Boer, Student and Volunteer


Danielle De Boer, B.A.

Danielle is a fifth year student of Pacific University's School of Graduate Psychology in the PhD of Clinical Psychology Program. Her interests include neuropsychology, working with children and families, and studying the intergenerational effects of adverse events within these systems. She is currently working with the SCAN Lab to determine the effects of maltreatment across neuropsychological domains of functioning.


Ray Anthony, Student and Volunteer


Ray Anthony, A.S.

Ray comes to the SCAN Lab with over 8 years professional experience in early therapeutic intervention and residential care. They hold an A.A. in human development, an A.S. in general science, and is working on their B.S. in health sciences focusing on the Pre-Health Physician Assistant Program. Ray is excited to be a part of the SCAN Lab and continue to work with an amazing team dedicated to researching how cognitive abilities are affected by early experiences.


Candice Hoke


Candice Hoke, M.S.

Candice completed her B.S. in psychology at the University of Central Arkansas in 2008. In 2012 she completed her M.S. in clinical psychology at Loyola University Maryland. Currently Candice is a Ph.D. Clinical Psychology student at Pacific University. Her interests are in trauma, resilience, mindfulness-based interventions, and health and neuropsychological phenomena. Candice is excited to participate in the scientific process with the SCAN Lab where she can expand on her skills and knowledge that can contribute to the behavioral and psychological sciences.


Aarika Olsen


Aarika Olsen, M.S.

Aarika completed her B.S. in psychology with a concentration in neuroscience and behavior at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She is currently in her third year of Pacific University's Clinical Psychology PhD Program. Her research interests are in executive function and other neuropsychological functioning, childhood trauma, risk, resilience, and the function of behaviors within different contexts.



Kara Gallemore

Kara Gallemore, A.S.

Kara is currently an undergraduate in the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health. At PSU, she is a part of Build EXITO, a program that specializes in training biomedical undergraduates with a focus on research. It is through Build EXITO that Kara came to join the SCAN Lab team. Kara's research interests include epidemiology with an emphasis on chronic disease prevention. In particular, she hopes to study the newly emerged and rapidly growing field of Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (DOHaD) at OHSU. At the SCAN Lab, Kara is spearheading a project that examines the incidence of neurodevelopmental disorders in adolescents with a history of maltreatment.



Taylor ShankTaylor Shank, M.S.

Taylor is a graduate student at Pacific University, where she is working on earning a PhD in clinical psychology. At Pacific University, Taylor is a member of the Mindfulness and Addictive Disorders Research Lab. Her research involves ways in which mindfulness-based interventions may be useful among individuals suffering with substance use issues. Her clinical experiences include working with adults, adolescents, and substance users in individual, couple's, and group therapy settings. Her research interests include mindfulness, meditation, maladaptive cyclical behaviors, negative affect, self-efficacy, and mechanisms of change within third-wave behavioral therapies. At the SCAN Lab, Taylor is involved with the Maternal Well-Being Study as a group therapy facilitator.


Carly Gysler


Carly Gysler, M.A.

Carly is a third year student at Pacific University's School of Professional Psychology in the PsyD Program. Her interests include working with children and their families and child assessment, specifically with children with neurodevelopmental disorders. At the SCAN Lab, Carly will be administering interviews and assessments for the Maternal Well-Being Study.


Amy Davis


Amy Davis, M.A.

Amy has a B.A. in psychology from Sonoma State University and an M.A. in clinical psychology from Pacific University. She is currently completing her doctoral degree at Pacific University studying clinical psychology with an emphasis on forensic psychology. Her clinical interests lie in working with kids, adolescents, and adults in institutional settings such as state hospitals and prisons. She has clinical experience working with adults in an outpatient setting completing intake interviews, assessments, and group and individual therapy. She also has clinical experience completing assessment batteries with children and adolescents in a residential treatment setting. At the SCAN Lab, Amy will be completing intake interviews and administering assessments.

Sulema Rodriguez


Sulema Rodriguez

Sulema is a senior at Portland State University, Honors College. She is double-majoring in Speech and Hearing Sciences and General Science, with a minor in Psychology. Her research interests include studying the biological and psychosocial factors affecting stuttering using neuroimaging. Sulema is fascinated by the human brain and is happy to contribute to the work of the SCAN Lab.