Resident Life

The pediatric residency believes in a healthy work-life balance for residents and their families during this busy time. We promote and encourage our "Get a Life" contest to our entire program. Here is just a sampling of what we encourage you to try:


HecedaSee at least 3 lighthouses on the Oregon Coast

Visit at least 5 museums

Eat a perfect French crepe at Le Happy

Go to Portland or Beaverton Farmer's Market

Enjoy at Dutch Baby at the Original Pancake House

Take in a Portland Trailblazer (NBA) or Portland Timber (MLS) game

Happy hours

 Portland is Oregon's largest metropolis, and has also been named one of the most livable cities in America.  Downtown Portland is full of culture and commerce: museums and galleries; a thriving theater community and music scene; dozens of parks, plazas and gardens; a zoo; a great eco-friendly mass transit system; an NBA basketball team; and a wide variety of shops and restaurants.  Radiating out in all directions are diverse and affordable neighborhoods in a setting that's hilly, green and clean.  



Hood SunrisePortland is right between the scenic mountains to the east, and the beautiful Oregon Coast to the west.  In the near distance, is Mt. Hood which towers above its neighbors in the Cascade range, beckoning outdoor enthusiasts to its ski slopes, campsites and hiking trails.  There are more mountains to the west, beyond which lies Oregon's pristine and rugged coastline.  Oregon is famous for its varied terrain, its rivers and lakes, desert and rangeland, national forests and parks.  Much of Oregon's land is publicly owned, providing thousands of acres of wilderness.  In fact, Portland alone contains 37,000 acres of park land, including Forest Park, the largest urban wilderness in any American city.  Portland also has the distinction as the most bike friendly city in North America.  


2014-2015 Resident Salaries

  • PGY1 - $52,000
  • PGY2 - $54,300
  • PGY3 - $56,700

Residents receive a debit card to purchase meals, which is prepaid by the hospital based on the frequency of call. We also provide white lab coats and business cards.Book and travel money for CME conferences is provided to residents also.

Vacation & Leave

Residents receive nearly four weeks of paid vacation per year. Vacation is taken in three blocks spaced throughout the year. These vacation blocks are outside of the call schedule. Thus, the call schedule does not change from q4 to q3 as residents take vacation.The ten days in late December through New Year's Day are outside of the rotation schedule. During this time, critical service areas are covered by half of the residents. Each resident has a block of five days off during this holiday time.

Five days are available for educational leave. Travel money is available from the department to assist residents who attend a medical meeting. Two weeks per year of personal leave is granted and can be accrued. Maternity/paternity leave is available in line with state and federal law.


Medical, dental, life, and disability insurance options are available to residents and their families. Residents receive a monthly stipend (in addition to salary) to purchase these benefits. Medical liability coverage is provided through the State of Oregon.


A house officers retirement plan is offered to all residents. The plan provides a fully-funded contribution from OHSU, an attractive choice of investments, the ability for you to make voluntary, pre-tax contributions and service and planning support.


The year begins with a week of orientation, including certification in Pediatric Advanced Life Support and Neonatal Resuscitation. This week gives the new residents a chance to get acquainted and meet faculty and residents in the program. In September, residents and their guests attend an off-campus weekend retreat to socialize and attend workshops to enhance evaluation, teaching, and other skills.

Annual Resident Retreat

In September all of our residents attend a weekend retreat at a get-away resort in Oregon . Families and significant others are included. Retreat agendas focus on education, self-awareness, well-being, and residency program improvement. Most importantly, it is a time for residents to get to know each other, relax a little, and have fun.

Chief Residents 2014-2015
Sara Rourke - U. Iowa
Allison Roland - UT San Antionio

Catherine Caruso - Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Erik Frandsen - Creighton University
Karen Heisler - Loyola University
Laurel Hoffman - OHSUsmall
Amiee Janesky - Commonwealth Medical College
Jessica Marsh - University of Kentucky
MaryAlice McNamara - SUNY Upstate
Carol McFarland - Penn State
Cate Kent - OHSU
Nicki Nabavizadeh - University of Oklahoma
Kellee Parker - Rocky Vista University
Erin Perkey - University of Illinois
Kirsten Reinecke - Indiana University
Katelyn Saarela - Western University
Jason Soh - Virginia Commonwealth
Maria Velazquez Campbell - University of Colorado
Mandie Wiebers Jensen - OHSU

Abbie Bauer - UT San Antonio
Amanda Burrage - UMass
Ittai Bushlin - Mt. Sinai
Antwon Chavis - Meherry MedicalPL1 Web
Katie Cotterell - Creighton
Matt Dietz - U. New England Osteopathic
Allison Empey - UC San Francisco
Alicia Friend - OHSU
Megan Furnari - UMass
Ben Gern - U. Wisconsin
Michelle Gern - Medical College of Wisconsin
Lauren Kilgore - U. North Carolina
Jillian Sanford - Texas Tech U.
Michael Sethi - OHSU
Cristina Swanson - U. Colorado
Jennifer Tsai - Case Western
Casey Ward - Loma Linda U.


Lucy Amory - U. Rochester
Julia Carr - OHSU1st yrs 2012-13web
Andy Cave - Case Western
Allison Christy - Northwestern U.
Rachel Cichowski - Western U. of Health Sciences
Paco Corbalan - U. Vermont
Kate Cronkhite - UT San Antonio
Paul Goodwin -  UT Galveston
Theresa Graif - Columbia Univ.
Lauren Harris - Loma Linda U.
Tanvi Hathiwala - Chicago Medical
Michael Jones - U. Hawaii
Brenna Lewis - U. Washington
Courtney McGirr - Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine
Lane Miller - Medical College of Georgia
Sara Taub - Loyola Univ.
Leah Yieh - UT San Antonio