Endocrinology Educational Curriculum

Pediatric Endocrinology fellows have many venues for learning clinical management of pediatric endocrinology patients. These include formal lectures, informal teaching sessions and patient care related teaching at the bedside and in the clinic. Some examples are listed below.  

Fellows and Faculty participate in weekly Pediatric Endocrinology chart review.

1.    Structured educational conferences

a. Endocrinology and Metabolism Seminar Series: formal lectures by adult and pediatric endocrinology faculty and fellows as well as invited presenters from outside OHSU on topics of interest to endocrinologist, often highlighting research in endocrinology at OHSU. The Endocrinology and Metabolism Seminar Series occurs weekly between September 1 and June 30 of each year.
b. Combined Adult and Pediatric Endocrine Case Conference occurs weekly with one case conference per month presented by the pediatric endocrinology group. Fellows are actively involved in choosing the cases, presenting the case and the literature review that supplements the case and leading the discussion.
c. Pediatric Grand Rounds which occurs weekly between September 1and June 30.

2.    Pediatric Endocrinology Chart Review meets weekly to review interesting cases coming to clinic the following week. This is also a chance for the faculty to share difficult or unusual cases and the fellows to present the patients they are going to see or have just evaluated.

3.    The pediatric endocrinology faculty present Board Review seminars to the fellows on key topics in pediatric endocrinology throughout the year.

a. Stephen LaFranchi - 2 sessions on the Thyroid
b. Daniel Marks - one session on Obesity & PCOS and one on Laboratory Investigations
c. Bruce Boston -2 sessions on the Reproductive System
d. Lisa Madison - 2 sessions on Bone/Calcium/Vitamin D
e. Cheryl Hanna - 2 sessions on the Adrenal Gland
f. Katie Woods – one session on Growth
g. Lindsey Nicol - one on Carbohydrate Metabolism and one on the Pituitary

4.    Pediatric Endocrinology Journal club is presented once or twice a month by fellows and faculty. The articles are chosen by the presenter and reviewed along with background information with the group.

5.    Fellows participate in the Human Investigations Program at OHSU. This curriculum results in a Certificate in Human Investigations or Master of Clinical Research degree and is designed to meet the growing need for clinical and translational investigators. The division encourages fellows with an interest in a career as a clinical investigator to pursue a Masters of Clinical Research.

6.    Teaching occurs in the clinic and hospital around each patient encounter. The fellows also have the opportunity to learn the details of endocrine stimulation tests from our pediatric endocrine nurse and diabetes education from our team of dedicated diabetes educators and pediatric nutritionist.
Adult and Pediatric Endocrinology Case Conference.