Eating and Drinking Guidelines

Food and drink limitations for children

Please read before the day of surgery

Stop 8 hours before arrival time to hospital

ALL solid foods

Stop 6 hours before arrival time to hospital

Milk, formula, and tube feeds







Stop 4 hours before arrival time to hospital

Breast milk


Stop 2 hours before arrival time to hospital

Clear liquids
Limit to 8 oz, or 1 regular cup






Nothing to eat or drink during the 2 hours before hospital arrival

  1. Not following the above rules may result in delay and/or cancellation of your child's procedure.
  2. Medications can be taken with sips of water, unless directed otherwise.
  3. Make sure to keep all food out of reach of children once they can no longer eat. It's important to check the car and car seats before child enters.
  4. The reasons these guidelines exist is for the safety and health of your child. Eating or drinking before the time of anesthesia may cause your child to vomit and choke during the procedure or in the time immediately after.
  5. Please call 503-418-5303 for any questions, or if you need any clarifications. After 5:30 p.m. call 503-494-8311 and ask to speak to the pediatric anesthesiologist on call.