The Day Before Surgery

  • Review the instructions for eating and drinking before the procedure
  • Notify your doctor if your child has a cold, fever, rash or fever blister.
  • Review PREP Clinic anesthesia information
  • Review tips on giving your child emotional support from our Child Life program
  • Have your child take a bath or shower and remove all makeup, nail polish and jewelry.
  • Be sure to have plenty of clear liquids on hand if your child is coming home the same day of surgery.
  • Check your supply of acetaminophen products such as Tylenol, or other over-the-counter medicine recommended by your doctor.
  • Have quiet games and activities planned for your child following the procedure.
  • Arrange for your transportation needs in advance.
  • Confirm your plans for your other children while you are at the hospital.
  • Confirm the time of your child’s procedure and the time you need to arrive at the hospital.
Dr. Halsey at OHSU Doernbecher