DMSA Renal Scan

Pictures of the kidney are taken with a special camera following the injection of a weak radioactive solution.

PURPOSE: To check for kidney scarring or damage.


An IV will be inserted into your child’s vein and the DMSA solution will be injected.

After the injection, the DMSA solution can take 3-4 hours to travel around the blood stream to the kidneys; your child will be able to play and relax during this period.

After about 3-4 hours pictures are taken with a special camera. The pictures trace the progress of the DMSA solution through the kidneys.

The pictures take about 30 to 45 minutes and your child will need to lay still during that time.

HOW LONG: The scan is started 3-4 hours after injection. The scan takes about 45 minutes. If sedation is ordered, allow an additional 45 minutes.

SEDATION: Required for certain age groups.

RESULTS: A preliminary result is available in half a day. A final report is available in about two days.