Hypospadias is a common condition in boys occurring in 1 in 250 boys. It is a birth defect involving the penis.

In hypospadias, the opening of your son’s urethra (through which both urine and semen passes) is located somewhere else on the penis (usually underneath) rather than at the tip. It is often readily corrected through outpatient surgery. The outlook for infants who undergo this operation is extremely good: In most instances, they make a full recovery and have a normal-looking, fully functional penis within about six months.

While some children with very mild forms of this condition may not require surgery, if your son has hypospadias you should seek an evaluation from a pediatric urologic surgeon.

Treatment for Hypospadias

The ideal timing for surgery is between age 6 and 18 months of age.

Surgery frequently involves a small catheter (a tube to drain the urine) in your child’s bladder for a week after the surgery.

The surgery is usually done as an outpatient procedure, with your child going home the same day.

Our goal is to make the surgical experience as easy and painless as possible for you and your child.

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