Fetal Therapy

Prenatally Diagnosed Bladder, Kidney or Genital Abnormalities

Many urologic abnormalities—such as kidney problems including hydronephrosis (affecting 1-5 percent of all pregnancies), bladder obstruction and genital abnormalities—can be diagnosed prenatally.

OHSU has the only fetal therapy program in the state and region, offering a broad team of perinatology, pediatric and neonatal specialists with the most advanced technologies to achieve the best possible outcomes for mothers and their babies. We are actively involved in the fetal therapy clinic and are present every step of the way though diagnosis and delivery.

Families have the opportunity to meet their doctor before their child is born, go over the prenatal diagnosis, plan for the remainder of the pregnancy and prepare for the testing and treatments that might be necessary after birth.

Part of Your Complete Care

Your visit to the fetal clinic will usually involve a visit to a Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist, along with the fetal radiologist for any necessary imaging. You will also meet with the urologist who will be taking care of your baby both before and after delivery. (LINK)

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