Our Services

Our pediatric bone and joint experts can provide your child the most advanced and complete care for all bone, muscle and joint problems and diseases.

We can evaluate and treat your child for:

  • Fractures and musculoskeletal injuries
  • Sports-related injuries
  • Scoliosis and spine disorders
  • Clubfoot and other foot disorders
  • Hip dysplasia and hip disorders
  • Upper and lower extremity deformities
  • Bone dysplasia
  • Cerebral palsy and neuromuscular disorders
  • Non-malignant and malignant tumors
  • Concussions

We pay special attention to the ways your child’s bone or joint problem may be affected by or contributing to other health issues. That’s why, at Doernbecher, your child receives evaluation and treatment from a team of specialists, which may include bone and joint surgeons, pediatricians, physical therapists, pathologists, oncologists, and others.

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