Why Choose Us

Boy and doctor ©OHSU

Health experts (and parents) recommend the Cardiology and Heart Surgery Program at Doernbecher as one of the nation's best.

More than 35,000 babies are born each year with a congenital heart problem.  If they are born in Oregon or SW Washington chances are good they’ll receive their heart evaluation and care at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.

Our experts offer the full spectrum of heart care services, from developing heart-healthy action plans for patients at risk for disease, to performing complex surgical procedures. In addition, our specialists are available for emergency care 24 hours a day.

Highly specialized, expert care

We are the leading provider of care for infants born with heart problems in Oregon and SW Washington.

Extensive experience

Each year, we treat over 5,000 patients throughout the Pacific Northwest and perform over 10,000 diagnostic procedures.

Broadest range of services

We offer a full spectrum of expert heart care services, from the most complex surgical procedures to helping children with heart problems learn to live healthier lives.

Complete, personalized care

Your child receives care from a whole team of highly experienced, board-certified doctors, nurse practitioners, technicians, dieticians, and other support staff, all dedicated to caring for your child.

24-hour access

Our specialists are available for your child’s emergency care 24 hours a day.

Family-centered care

We know your child’s condition and treatment affect your whole family. And we consider you an important part of your child’s healthcare team.

We’re close to your home

Doernbecher clinics are located throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington, so you have convenient access to expert care.