Heart Research

About one in every 100 babies born in the United States — about 32,000 every year — have heart defects.  Can we find these defects sooner, or prevent them entirely? Are there better ways to treat the infants, children and young adults with heart disease? Are their new techniques that can help us repair the damage to their hearts? These are a few of the questions we ask ourselves every day.

Research helps us find the answers. At Doernbecher we are committed to innovation and discovery which will move research from the lab to the bedside giving us new tools to treat our patients with the most cutting edge technologies and techniques.

Our research in congenital heart disease has distinguished the Doernbecher Heart Program in the fields of echocardiography, genetics and childhood dyslipidemia. Some important discoveries have come from the work of prominent members of our team including:

  • Dr. David Sahn – a world expert in advanced imaging of the heart, responsible for numerous advances in the use of echocardiography to evaluate cardiac anatomy and function
  • Dr. Craig Broberg – studying the long-term outcomes of children treated for congenital heart disease as they age into adulthood
  • Dr. Carlos Dujovne – one of the leading experts in the understanding of high cholesterol in children and adolescents
  • Dr. Michael Silberbach 
  • Dr. Stephen Langley – studying ways to better support and protect the child during heart surgery