For Referring Providers

Helping you care for your patients

We can provide you with current information that may help you understand and treat your patient.

After your patient’s visit, we will provide you with:

  • A treatment summary from your patient’s pediatric cancer health records 
  • Recommendations for managing any current and chronic health concerns 
  • Screening guidelines personalized to your patient and their cancer survivorship  

We are the most comprehensive survivorship program in the state.  

The types of childhood cancer, treatment methods and after-effects vary greatly. We work with a comprehensive team to address the concerns of each survivor.

We have two specialty survivorship clinics: the Ortho-Oncology Clinic for suvivors of bone and muslce tumors, and the Neuro-Oncolog Clinic for survivors of brain and spinal cord tumors.

Survivorship Program Coordinator

Lisa Dodgen

If you have any questions about the Pediatric Cancer Survivorship Program, please call Lisa Dodgen at 503 494-0200.

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