About MD 4Kids

The first purpose of MD 4Kids is to help you determine how sick your child is and if you need to call your child's doctor. 

The second purpose is to help you treat your child at home when it is safe to do so.Your doctor's advice and your good judgment should always take precedence over information in these topics.


The symptom care guides are derived from the telephone protocols used by more than 400 hospital and health plan nurse advice lines and by 90 percent of pediatricians' offices. They have been tested on over 150 million symptom calls.


The content is designed with patient safety as the highest priority.  

Each care guide is reviewed by physicians, specialists and nurses for accuracy. The annual review and updates also incorporate parent and consumer feedback regarding clarity and ease of use.

If you think that your child is having a medical emergency, call 911 or the number for the local emergency ambulance service NOW!

And when in doubt, call your doctor NOW or go to the closest emergency department.

Author and Senior Reviewer: Barton D. Schmitt, M.D.

Content Set: Pediatric HouseCalls Symptom Checker
Pediatric HouseCalls Symptom Checker