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Apr 18, 2014

Child abuse prevention: Be a force for good in a child’s life

Research on the subject of child abuse and neglect is more robust than ever. In 1974, the first federal legislation, the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act, was enacted. That year, three articles on child abuse and neglect were published in medical journals. In 2013, nearly 40 years later, more than 300 articles on the topic appeared in peer-reviewed journals. Scientists are unravelling the undesirable effects of “toxic” stress on early brain development. Long-term health outcomes associated … Read More

Apr 11, 2014

My child is constipated. What can I do?

Constipation is common, especially in children, and can be caused by changes such as toilet training, stress, travel illness or the start of school. If your child is frequently constipated: 1) Provide a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and fiber. 2) Be sure your child drinks enough liquids daily to turn the urine clear or light yellow. 3) Plan daily toilet-sitting time for at least 5 to 10 minutes to help get things moving. … Read More

Apr 3, 2014

Talk to your kids about energy drinks

Energy drinks are a $12.5 billion dollar industry in the United States, and while the sale of soda continues to decrease, energy drink sales grew by 6.7 percent in 2013. Consumption is increasing among middle school and high school students, especially boys. The increase is driven by powerful marketing machines that target advertising to teens and young adults in ways that didn’t exist 10 years ago — game systems, downloaded apps on personal phones, reading … Read More

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RT @GoNoodle: What a great time in Portland elem schls last week GoNoodling w/ runner Mary Cain, @RandallChildren @OHSUDoernbecher!...

Thank you to the students of Sprague High for raising over $50,000 for Doernbecher through their annual pageant. http://t.co/whBjfIytjg

Try these 4 tips if you find your child is frequently constipated: http://t.co/tO4gIHkqJH http://t.co/jM5B3tXaBN

Join Team OHSU for this year's March for Babies. Register today: http://t.co/RRwNXKgjFO

MT @OHSUTransPark: .@trimet Stop on SW Veterans Rd (#10612) by @OHSUDoernbecher closed for 18 months. Use stop 9488 by School of Nursing.

MT @thbpdx: "Be a force for good in a child's life" -- Dr. Grigsby, child abuse prevention expert @OHSUDoernbecher | http://t.co/63dCmlcSSz

RT @YoMamasFroYo: With your support, we have been able to donate over $400 to @OHSUDoernbecher!!!! S/O to @ScappooseHigh for doing a...

@angelmachado28 They do, but it can take awhile because they're really busy w/patients. Let me know if you haven't heard back by next week.

RT @twotone74: @OHSUDoernbecher 50's diner night at @ScappooseHigh school. Burgers, fries and shakes for a great cause!

RT @thbpdx: Exercise program sponsored by @OHSUDoernbecher and @RandallChildren keeps @PPSConnect school kids moving http://t.co/9tzuccsg9c

RT @julielilliston: Exercise program keeps school kids moving http://t.co/jDwLK0TNCn -- Thank you @OHSUDoernbecher and @RandallChildren...

RT @Dbecherconcert: Concert tomorrow! Enjoy wonderful music which in turn, helps hospitalized children. @OHSUDoernbecher

MT @RandallChildren: Congrats to King School for being active w/ @GoNoodle! @OHSUDoernbecher @PPSConnect Watch... http://t.co/agmDET4B8L

MT @DailyEmerald: In PDX for the wkend? UO School of Music & Dance is hosting a charity concert for @OHSUDoernbecher http://t.co/7B3pToVG5q

RT @OHSUNews: Proud to be a part of this partnership! "Exercise program keeps school kids moving" via @kgw http://t.co/THvuBPLx0E cc...

RT @MyMusic_Rx: The talented Cut Bank Choir serenading the folks at @OHSUDoernbecher #musicheals @ Doernbecher… http://t.co/Lbed4kuKnG

RT @UOSOMD: Friday concert will benefit the kids of @OHSUDoernbecher: http://t.co/ggNdGFSfDi. Please attend, and make $5 donation!

@angelmachado28 Hi! I'd be happy to forward a message to Will. Email me at socialmedia@ohsu.edu & I'll send it on. Thanks. -Anne

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