Strategic Plan

Commitment and Collaboration

The first goal of OHSU's strategic plan, Vision 2020, is to “be a great organization, diverse in people and ideas.” Achieving this goal requires commitment and accountability; towards that end, the OHSU Healthcare Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan (DISP) was developed. This plan provides guidelines to achieve a culture of diversity and inclusion. It suggests opportunities for involvement for employees in different roles at OHSU Healthcare. It also helps to focus us on diversity recruitment in areas for which we have fewer than expected diverse candidates.

The DISP is authored by the OHSU Healthcare Cultural Advocacy Team (CAT) and the Program Manager of Diversity and Inclusion for Healthcare HR, and will be implemented by these parties in collaboration with OHSU leaders and employees. This plan is sponsored and funded by the OHSU Healthcare Administrative Team.

The following video tells you more about our goals and strategies. We welcome you also to review the Healthcare Diversity and Inclusion Annual Report 2011.


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