Employee Services

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Examples of diversity in employee resources include:

  • Employee Resource Groups
    At OHSU, our continued success depends on the diverse skills, experiences, and backgrounds that our employees bring to OHSU. To help foster employee growth and development while meeting the needs of a more diverse employee workforce, OHSU supports the formation of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). ERGs provide opportunities for career development, social support, networking, mentoring, and community participation, and help promote cultural awareness and employee engagement. ERGs align with OHSU's mission and goals of advancing diversity and inclusion.
  • Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity (AAEO) department
    AAEO's staff advises managers, faculty, staff, and students regarding prohibited discrimination and harassment, reasonable accommodation, affirmative action, increasing diversity, and outreach.
  • Center for Diversity and Inclusion
    CDI supports and works to promote an environment that values and nurtures an inclusive environment of diversity throughout the university.
  • Global Health Center
    The Global Health Center is a university-wide program that promotes interdisciplinary global health education, research, service and advocacy to reduce the burden of illness and injury at home and abroad.
  • OHSU/AFSCME Career and Workplace Enhancement Center
    The Career and Workplace Enhancement Center is an OHSU-wide resource, with a focus on AFSCME-represented employees. The center is committed to providing professional development, training opportunities and organizational resources in the following focus areas: conflict management, workplace performance improvement and employee development. The CWE Center exists to fulfill the goals of the Labor Management Committee (LMC), established as a part of the 2009-2012 collective bargaining agreement between OHSU and AFSCME.

Engaging LGBT Employees and Students

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Employment opportunities for LGBT job seekers

Oregon Health & Science University values a diverse and culturally competent workforce. Diversity maximizes our true potential for creativity, innovation, quality patient care, educational excellence and outstanding service. Individuals with diverse backgrounds and those who promote diversity and a culture of inclusion are encouraged to apply. Please explore our career opportunities at www.ohsujobs.com.

Academic opportunities

As Oregon’s only academic health center, OHSU is responsible for educating the physicians, nurses, dentists and other healthcare professionals who will make up the majority of Oregon’s healthcare providers in the future. OHSU emphasizes patient-centered care, with students learning not only in classrooms but also at patients’ bedsides, physicians’ offi ces and community settings. OHSU students gain LGBT patient-centered awareness and training and become lifelong learners who are committed to serving the communities where they live and work. To learn more, call 503 494-5657.

LGBT employee and student resource groups

OHSU Pride, an OHSU sponsored employee resource group, fosters an inclusive environment that promotes lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer wellness, education, research and advocacy within and across OHSU and the community. To learn more, call 503 494-0082 or visit www.ohsu.edu/pride.

The Committee for Transgender Access and Equality was formed to further analyze and improve OHSU’s commitment to transgender access and equality. Th e goals are to 1) utilize electronic medical records as a tool for collecting voluntary data about our LGBT patients and their needs, 2) develop training guidelines for best practices in treating transgender patients, and 3) ensure that appropriate education and training takes place about the medical records and guidelines in order to deliver consistent and sensitive patient care. To learn more, call 503 346-0781 or email salonenr@ohsu.edu.

Queers and Allies in Health Care (QAHC) is a student interest group at OHSU for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, pansexual, intersex and allied people. QAHC is open to all students in OHSU Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry and College of Pharmacy. QAHC is dedicated to supporting students, educating peers and advocating for patients. To learn more, email qahc@ohsu.edu.