Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Are there risks of participating in a research study? 

Before you agree to be in a study, we will go through the process known as informed consent.  This process involves explaining how the study will be conducted and your role as a study subject. We will also answer any questions, risks or concerns you may have regarding your participation.

What are the benefits to participating in research?

Each study is unique and each study may offer a small amount of payment, medication, education or labs. The benefits also include the knowledge that you are contributing to the future understanding of diabetes care. Study benefits vary with each study. When we meet to talk about the study with you, we will tell you about any payment. You will receive study medication, physical exams, education and labs at no cost.

Will you share information with my insurance company?

Your medical information is never shared with insurance companies. Your privacy and confidentiality are very important to us.

A limited number of people in the study will be able to see your information. These people are trained on the importance of patient confidentiality and privacy. During the informed consent process, we will talk with you about how we handle your information, and answer any questions.

Do I have to be an OHSU patient in order to participate?

We are an academic research medical university--so many people who volunteer in research are not patients at OHSU. Although some studies require you to have a primary care physician (regular doctor) at OHSU, most studies do not. If you are interested in our studies, you are welcome to participate if you are qualified.

How often will I have to come to OHSU? How long do studies last?

How often you come to OHSU and how long the study lasts depends on the study. Some studies have just one visit, while others have many visits. Studies can last from an hour or two to several years. Before you agree to be in a study, we will discuss the time-commitment involved.

Do I need to have diabetes to be in a research study?

Not necessarily. Some studies are for people with a risk of getting diabetes. Also, if you are the family member of someone with type I diabetes, you can be screened for the risk of getting the disease.

How do I know if I qualify for any studies?

Go to Clinical Research Studies page to learn what studies are currently seeking to recruit research volunteers. If you are interested in participating call 503-494-4704 or email us.

What if I don't want to be in the study after I have started?

You may stop participating any time without penalty. If you decide to withdraw from a study, we will ask you to come in for one more visit. You should bring any medication or supplies from the study. If the study pays for visits, we will pay you for the time and visits you have completed.

Research Administration Contact

Phone 503-494-4704
Fax 503-494-4781

Checking-in for a Research Visit

Clinic Directions

Once you arrive at our clinic, please let our front desk receptionist know you are here for a diabetes research study and the name of the study coordinator you are meeting with for a visit.