Meet Dr. Nicole Fett: the clinician, the educator, the leader

 Dr. Nicole Fett

As part of an academic healthcare institution, OHSU dermatologists fill many roles as clinicians, educators and leaders in medicine. Dr Nicole Fett is no exception. 

The clinician: Dr. Fett is a medical dermatologist with expertise in complex autoimmune-induced skin diseases. She co-leads the Rheumatology/Dermatology specialty clinic that brings together expertise in both areas with the ultimate goals of educating the next generation of physicians and improving care for patients with these rare autoimmune conditions. Dr. Fett believes in the importance of intellectual curiosity, which keeps physicians current with new diagnostics and therapies. 

The educator: Dr. Fett is the Dermatology Residency Program Director, where she oversees the specialty training of 12 to 15 dermatology residents annually. Throughout their three year program, Dr. Fett not only teaches cutting edge diagnostic tools and therapies, but also the importance of open communication, empathy and compassion in therapeutic relationships. These doctors will be the next generation of dermatologists, and it is Dr. Fett who is tasked with ensuring they are the best physicians and leaders that they can be. 

The leader: Along with her OHSU duties, Nicole is also the current President of the Oregon Dermatology Society (ODS). Founded in 1985, it is a professional organization for over 300 providers who specialize and practice dermatology in Oregon. Through professional educational events and discussion of difficult skin care cases, the ultimate goal is to maintain excellent dermatologic care to patients all across the Northwest. 

OHSU is a place where healing, teaching and discovery come together; physicians like Dr. Nicole Fett are the reason why.