Robotic Surgery for Bladder Cancer

Surgeons at OHSU are experts at using robotic surgery to treat bladder cancer. Our robotic cystectomy (bladder removal) program with the da Vinci system is the only one of its kind in Oregon and one of the largest in the Pacific Northwest.

Advantages of Robotic Surgery for Bladder Cancer

Traditional open surgery for bladder cancer is done through an abdominal incision several inches long. Recovering from surgery takes several weeks and can be painful.

In robotic bladder cancer surgery (robotic cystectomy), your surgeon removes the bladder through an abdominal incision about one centimeter wide. The replacement bladder is placed through the same opening. Because the incision is much smaller, there is less blood loss during surgery.

Other advantages include:

  • Less discomfort after surgery
  • Fewer complications
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Faster recovery and earlier return to normal activities

For men, robotic surgery by an experienced surgeon can protect the delicate nerves that control erection. These nerves run alongside the bladder and prostate gland, which is usually removed in men who have bladder cancer. Damaging the nerves can cause erectile dysfunction (ED). The powerful magnification and precise control of robotic surgery make it easier for your surgeon to see the nerves and avoid damaging them.

Surgical Treatments for Bladder Cancer