Service opportunities

Casey Eye Institute is committed to serving the region and the world. The residents are an integral part of our service mission. OHSU as a university has a vision for a leadership role in global health through partnerships in Asia Pacific region. Casey Eye Institute has cultivated relationships in American Samoa with ongoing partnership to train providers and deliver care in some of the most remote areas of the world. Several of the faculty in the department have relationships and experience in global health settings, including Angola, Vietnam, Nepal, Ethiopia, Kenya, Cambodia, Bhutan, East Timor, Guatemala, and the Marshall Islands.

Casey Outreach Van

Casey Outreach VanSince 2010, the Casey Vision Van has been serving the community. This 33 foot fully outfitted mobile ophthalmology clinic has served over 4,000 patients without access to eye care in Portland and throughout the state of Oregon. The residents play the central part of this effort. 


The Casey chapter of ReSpectacle cleans, measures, and matches donated eye glasses for redistribution worldwide to underserved communities. 

Service rotation

The residency program sponsors a 2-week experience for residents to go serve in regional or international settings. OHSU and Casey Eye Institute are committed to making a lasting difference through long-term partnership and the residents are an integral part of the vision in American Somoa and Myanmar. Read more about OHSU's Global Health Program

Recent experiences include:

Rural Oregon with Casey Outreach Program Mobile Clinic
Marshall Islands
American Samoa