Resident evaluations

Resident evaluations are constructed to reflect performance in the six core competencies as outlined by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. Each resident is evaluated in the following six core competencies:
  • Patient care
  • Medical knowledge
  • Professionalism
  •  Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Practice-based learning and improvement
  • System-based practice

At the conclusion of each rotation, faculty members who have supervised the resident will evaluate their performance. In order to obtain more comprehensive assessment of resident performance, evaluations are also obtained from patients and staff. The evaluations are written and become part of the resident's permanent record.  Starting in July 2014, resident performance will be evaluated semi-annually by the Clinical Competency Committee (CCC).  Performance will be tied to the ACGME Milestones for Ophthalmology that will become available in July 2014.  In an effort to identify strengths and weaknesses in the residency as early as possible, the program director meets formally and individually with each resident at minimum every 6 months.  The program director also meets with residents as a group at least quarterly.  Residents input is routinely sought and has always been integral to program development.