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Dr. David Wilson

At the Casey Eye Institute, every member of our team is dedicated to a single mission: to promote the best possible eye health for you through education, research, clinical leadership and service to the community. 

Casey is a world-recognized academic regional eye center that attracts top specialists from around the globe. We are known for developing and utilizing the very latest treatments and technologies.

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How OHSU physicians worked together to diagnose and treat a teen with a brain tumor

GoetzIn the fall of 2013, 15-year-old Tigard High School sophomore Brandt Goetz suffered an apparent concussion during a youth tackle football game. A few weeks later, when he began suffering from headaches and blurred vision, his parents were convinced that something else was going on. Brandt's mother, Michelle Goetz, took him to see an eye doctor who then referred them to OHSU's Casey Eye Institute. 

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Teaming up to end blinding eye disease


You might not recognize a hero on the street. But Casey Eye Institute experts are working to end blindness worldwide, and our new ad campaign puts their work in the spotlight. A mission to rid the world of blinding eye disease?

Now, that's a cause worth fighting for.

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New Oregon law requires vision screening for kids

Have a little one starting school this fall? Be sure to schedule a vision screening as part of your back-to-school preparations. A new law requires every child in Oregon who is seven or younger to have his or her vision checked before starting preschool or school. Certain eye diseases, such as amblyopia, can be successfully treated and even reversed if caught early.

Find out why vision screening is crucial to giving kids a a good start to learning.

Vision screening for kids is important for learning