Orbital disease

The orbit is that cone-shaped, boney space located on either side of the nose that surrounds and protects the eye and delicate muscles, nerves, and fat that are present behind the eye.  Many problems can occur in this area as a result of genetic, inflammatory, infectious, traumatic, and aging issues.  A number of different tumors can occur here as well.

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In the Oculofacial Plastic Surgery Division here at Casey, our physicians and surgeons our trained to manage these potentially complex problems both medically and surgically.  We have access to cutting edge neuro-imaging equipment to give us the best "picture" of this area and incredibly skilled radiologists to help us interpret them. Our orbital surgeons have access to realtime intraoperative navagation technology to more precisely locate critical structures deep in the orbit and near the brain, thus increasing surgical accuracy and safety. Many times, consultation with other medical specialists such as head and neck surgery, neuro-surgery, and radiation oncology is required.  Dr. John Ng has a joint clinical appointment in the Otolaryngology/ Head and Neck department and regularly performs complex orbital procedures with these other surgical specialists.


Dr. Dailey

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