Your role

Glaucoma is a chronic disease. Using your eye drops faithfully and having regular examinations to monitor the eye pressure and optic nerve are the two most important parts of glaucoma care. Once the eye pressure is controlled, it will be monitored every 3-6 months. This is essential because pressure can increase over time despite medications. Since even moderately high eye pressure rarely causes pain, you will not be able to tell if your pressure is elevated and need your doctor to check it on a regular basis.

Be prepared for regular checks of your optic nerve visual field. While we know visual fields can be hard to take, they are particularly sensitive at detecting changes if you already have an abnormal visual field. Glaucoma is not about a pressure. While we take into account a lot of parameters to pick a general target for your pressure, everyone is different and each nerve reacts differently to pressure. Treatment is a dynamic process, and we continually reassess our goals based on how the eye is responding to certain levels of pressure. If your nerve or field changes, we will adjust our treatment to lower your pressure even further.