Partners in Success

Interested in becoming a community partner?

Community PartnerAs we work together to bring health and well being to those who need it most, the outreach efforts of the Casey Eye Institute make up just one link in an incredible and collaborative chain of community support. We could not do it alone!

To truly serve people in their neighborhoods, and to bring the necessary services full circle, the Casey Outreach program relies on an expanding network of community partners.

Our community partners are Oregon social service agencies, programs, and safety net clinics that serve low income, under/uninsured members of our community.

Clinics are coordinated in advance with a partner program, and the mobile screening event is held on location at each program site. The collaborating program is responsible for identifying people within their community who most need these services, managing additional referrals or assisting with obtaining glasses after the vision screenings are complete.

Information about community resources for access to follow up services and glasses are available upon request.

If you know of an agency that might benefit from Casey Outreach services, please contact the Outreach Coordinator at CaseyOutreach@ohsu.edu503-418-1698