Trip reports

Majuro, Marshall Islands trip report – May 14-29, 2015

Marshall Islands ophthalmology resources

Dr. Jose Tana, was a receptive and industrious host. He has served in the role of sole ophthalmologist for many years.

Public Health

The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) has the highest prevalence in the world of diabetes, hypertension is also prevalent, presumably due to rapid modernization and urbanization.

Bio-med /equipment status

The slit lamps, argon and YAG lasers performed well, largely due to Dr. Tana's careful maintenance of these items. One Leica scope in the O.R. performed well. No biomed tech is dedicated to maintenance of ophthalmic equipment.

General comments

The San Francisco based NGO Canvasback Medical Missions has a long history in the RMI very well established relationship with the doctors and health ministry.

Procedures performed over the nine operating days of the trip include 190 cataract surgeries, many complex, pterygium surgeries, many diabetic laser treatments, and intravitreal injections.

English commonly spoken as a second language, U.S. currency, regular flights from Honolulu.

A cadre of over a dozen young Marshallese is starting medical school this year and next year after a long lull of new Marshallese M.D. graduates.