Resident International Ophthalmology experiences

Hillary SteifelHillary Stiefel, M.D.
Santiago, Guatemala
October 2015 
Hillary accompanied Casey alum Dave Dance on an ophthalmology service trip to Hospitalito, a small hospital in Santiago, Guatemala. In addition to seeing patients in clinic, she assisted with manual small incision cataract surgeries and performed several other minor ocular procedures. As she notes,  "It was an honor to provide care to such grateful patients, who filled our hearts with their hugs, prayers, and unbridled joy after undergoing cataract surgery. It was an unforgettable experience, and one I hope to be fortunate enough to repeat in the future." 
International Ophth.

Anthony Grillo, M.D. and Griffin Jardine, M.D.
Siddharthanagar, Nepal
April 18 – May 2, 2014

Drs. Griffin Jardine and Anthony Grillo accompanied Professor Dan Karr to the Lumbini Eye Institute in Nepal. The residents assisted in clinics and learned new operating techniques with both accumulating a sizable number of surgical cases. Dr. Karr worked with former international fellows from the Casey and participated inthe second year of their newly formed Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Fellowship in Nepal. It was an enriching experience for all. 

Lattin AS

Dan Lattin, M.D. 
Pago Pago, American Samoa
March 16-27, 2015

“Our trip to American Samoa is one I won’t soon forget. I’m grateful for the opportunity to contribute in the ongoing efforts to give the gift of sight to the people of this beautiful island. I hope our efforts make their lives a bit brighter.”



Thomas checking vision

Akshay Thomas, M.D.
Majuro, Marshall Islands
May 14-29, 2015

"I was overwhelmed by the graciousness, humility and spirit of the Marshallese people. Equally overwhelming was the need for medical and surgical eye care. This trip was a reminder of the great impact of visual impairment on overall health, function and well-being. The ability to dramatically impact the quality of life of so many on this trip was a confirmation of why I chose to become an ophthalmologist."

Public service for residents

Residents are encouraged to participate in public service. There are numerous opportunities to volunteer. Most popular is participation in the Casey Outreach Van. An all-volunteer staff of eye doctors, technicians, interpreters, and assistants gather to host mobile screenings in the community and collaborate with programs serving people in need to identify common preventable and treatable eye conditions. In addition, for residents in good academic standing, opportunity is given in conjunction with the International Ophthalmology Program to travel internationally to experience and learn about eye care abroad.