The Proteomics Shared Resource is one of several OHSU resources supported by the Knight NCI Cancer Center Support Grant. The grant ensures that management and support services are available for the researchers and programs of the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute. 

The OHSU Proteomics Shared Resource facility was established to make state-of-the-art mass spectrometry-based protein analytical capabilities available to the biomedical research community at OHSU.  

OHSU Knight Cancer Institute members on campus receive a 30% discount on fees for services.

The facility is located in the Medical Research Building on OHSU’s Marquam Hill campus. It is fully equipped to perform protein identification, expression analysis and structural investigations using protein chemistry and mass spectrometric techniques.

Samples from off-campus organizations are also accepted. An additional 50% surcharge applies to work with for-profit organizations. 

Meet our Team

  • Larry David, Ph.D.
  • Debra McMillen M.S.
    Senior Research Associate
  • John Klimek
    Research Associate

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