Cancer Prevention and Control

Scientific goals

The goals of the Cancer Prevention and Control Program are to reduce cancer incidence, morbidity and mortality by:

  1. Scientifically identifying and addressing modifiable risk factors and other risk reduction strategies, such as chemoprevention agents in adults and children, especially among high-risk underserved target groups;
  2. Conducting innovative research to improve screening and early detection technologies and overcome barriers to screening, also among underserved populations
  3. Understanding and addressing health and healthcare issues associated with cancer survivorship, including end of life care. 

Focus groups

The program has three Cancer Care Continuum Research Focus Areas, and one Integrated Focus Area, which cuts across the cancer care continuum themes, focusing on high-risk/underserved populations.

Care Continuum Research Focus Areas – programmatic themes

  1. Prevention/risk reduction: Investigators working in this focus area are conducting research on adult and childhood obesity reduction, health promotion in occupational settings, smoking cessation and the use of dietary supplements (omega 3 fatty acids) to reduce the risk of breast and prostate cancer, which has been an important area of collaboration with investigators in Program 3 (Solid Tumors). Additional innovative epidemiology research has focused on the influence of nicotine on lung cancer development as well as several studies on molecular epidemiology.
  2. Screening/early detection: Members in this program are working on innovative screening research for breast, cervical, colorectal and prostate cancer screening.                             
  3. Survivorship/quality of life: Research in this focus area is very diverse and includes studies of adult and children patients with newly diagnosed cancer, studies of adult and children patients actively undergoing treatment, studies on cancer survivors post treatment and cancer patients receiving end of life care. 

Program leader

Kerri Winters-Stone, Ph.D.

Program members

External program members

Researcher Research Area
Jeffery Fellows, Ph.D. Kaiser
Mark C. Hornbrook, Ph.D.
Carmit McMullen, Ph.D. Kaiser
Victor Stevens, Ph.D. Public Health and Preventative Medicine,
Sheila Weinmann, Ph.D.
Public Health and Preventative Medicine,

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