Tracking the Well-being of AYA Patients over Time

Adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer patients have been recognized by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to have lower survival and quality of life compared to younger and older cancer patients. Researchers at OHSU Knight Cancer Institute are trying to learn more about this problem through a research study called, “Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology Treatment and Survivorship Cohort Study.”

Our main goals are to:
  • Determine whether it is possible to identify a group of AYA oncology patients from three academic health systems
  • Determine whether these patients can be followed and assessed at various intervals over time 
Patients will be assessed in three areas: 1) mental health functioning 2) physical functioning and 3) medication-related symptoms.

The project will also gather complete treatment information see if treatment affects the three areas of well-being. It will also begin to identify issues related to delayed diagnosis in these patients.  

The information from this study will help determine the best way to identify a large national group of AYA oncology patients. Researchers and healthcare providers can then track these patients’ physical and psychological well-being over time.

The study has funding from the LiveStrong Young Adult Alliance. OHSU is coordinating this study and participating with MD Anderson Cancer Center and Vanderbilt University.