Helping AYA Cancer Patients Make Decisions About Fertility

Decision-Making and Decision Aid Development

Some cancer treatments can affect the ability to have children in the future (fertility).
Deciding whether to try to preserve fertility and choosing how to do this are life-changing decisions. So far, researchers do not fully understand how many adolescents and young adults with cancer make fertility decisions.

OHSU Knight Cancer Institute’s Adolescent and Young Adult program strives to help cancer patients maintain the best possible quality of ilfe. To do this, we must understand and support this decision-making process.  

We have begun developing a tool called a decision aid to help adolescent and young adult cancer patients make decisions about fertility. The decision aid will:
  • Provide education on fertility preservation options
  • Promote consideration of the patient’s own values and preferences in deciding whether to start fertility preservation
  • Assist the patient in choosing the right option

Working to address compromised fertility and raising awareness about fertility preservation is an important part of promoting well-being in adolescents and young adults with cancer.