Every patient has the right to know

  • If his or her fertility is at risk before starting cancer treatment
  • Fertility preservation options available before beginning treatment.

OHSU Knight Cancer Institute is a Fertile Hope Center of Excellence. We are committed to upholding these patient rights.

In early 2009, we approved a policy to support and promote  education for patients of childbearing age diagnosed with cancer about risks to their fertility.

To make increasing awareness easy, Oncofertility Preservation Kits are available in clinics that see patients of childbearing age diagnosed with cancer. They include educational materials for patients and healthcare professionals and supplies for sperm banking. 

We offer regular opportunities for healthcare professionals to learn more about fertility preservation in AYA patients. We also provide information on becoming involved in themovement for awareness and education.

We partner with many non-profit organizations that offer additional resources for patients. They include: