Cancer Screening & Risk Reduction

Cancer Screening - January 2011
January 2011, OHSU Knight Cancer Institute and Bay Area Hospital collaborated on a head and neck cancer screening in Coos Bay. More than 400 people were screened.

OHSU Knight Cancer Institute's goal is to reduce the risk of cancer and to make cancer screenings accessible throughout Oregon by targeting geographies and populations with the greatest need.

Screening Saves Lives

We don't know yet what causes cancer, but we can reduce risk and increase screenings to detect cancer early and save lives. About 30% of cancer deaths could be avoided by screening and risk reduction programs in communities and in healthcare settings.

How to Reduce Risk

The risk of many cancers can be reduced by living a healthy lifestyle.

  • Don't smoke
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Stay protected from the harmful effects of the sun

Cancer Screening

Breast, cervical and colorectal cancer can be detected in early, curable stages.

Breast cancer - can be detected early with mammograms and clinical breast exams, and has a 95% cure rate.

Cervical cancer - can be detected with a regular Pap smear test or prevented with the HPV (human papilloma virus) vaccine.

Colorectal cancer - can be detected with colonoscopies, which find polyps that can become cancerous.

Implementing Evidence-Based Strategies

knowledge definition
Our guiding principle is to use what we already know from research about how to effectively increase the rates of cancer screening.


We document and disseminate the latest evidence on effective screening interventions, engage communities and provide technical assistance.

Education and Training

physician education

We are committed to delivering cancer screening and risk reduction best practices to empower individuals, community organizations and healthcare professionals to care for residents in their communities. Read more