About the Community Partnership Program

The OHSU Knight Cancer Institute Community Partnership Program works to build sustainable collaborations with organizations throughout Oregon by providing grants and other resources for the development of projects targeting a community's cancer-related needs from prevention through survivorship.

Available grant types

Three tiers of grants are available to meet the differing needs of Oregon communities:

  • Early stage grants of up to $10,000
  • Developmental grants of up to $25,000
  • Program advancement grants of up to $50,000.

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Guiding principles

Community Partnership Program awards are designed to:

  • Support Oregon communities to understand and address their most pressing cancer related needs.
  • Enhance collaboration between Oregon communities and OHSU to address cancer in Oregon.
  • Foster the skills and abilities of communities to secure additional sources of funding to ensure projects are sustainable long-term.

What makes this grant program unique

Grant recipients will be provided with funding and other resources to help support program development, guide projects towards evidence-based practices and assist with evaluation measures. This, combined with the ability to grow the program and reapply for larger tiered grants, creates a unique opportunity for Oregon communities.

Community engagement in program direction

Two committees with statewide representation will guide the program. A steering committee made up of both OHSU and community members will make recommendations to the institute for strategic direction of the program. A larger advisory committee with statewide representation is in development to act as a liaison between the program and local communities.