Sponsorship Request Form

Step 1: Please use this application form for each initiative that you would like to request financial or in-kind sponsorship from the Knight Cancer Institute.

Step 2: We will respond by e-mail within two business days, and we may request additional information about the initiative.

Your organization’s name

Your organization’s major cancer-related goals

The name of the initiative for which you are requesting support

Brief description of goals of the initiative, expected outcomes and any major past accomplishments.

Date/time, and location of your initiative

Expected # of attendees (projected and in past years)

New or established initiative (if established, how many years?)

Help us plan for any costs in addition to sponsorship funds by describing any in-kind resources that you would expect from the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute if a sponsorship is granted. (i.e. giveaways, brochures, volunteers, in-kind, speakers, photos, b-roll, etc) For ideas that you would like to present as opportunities, rather than expectations, please wait for step 2 of the application process.

Will you have other sponsors? Provide the names of other sponsors you intend to approach.

Will you be seeking sponsorship support from any other OHSU entity? If so, please tell us who you have approached or intend to approach.

If the event is a fundraiser, please provide details about the percentage of proceeds that will be directed to service/benefits for the target population, the percentage that will fund cancer-related research, and about how those proceeds will be distributed

Provide details about how the initiative will be publicized.

Describe how this initiative addresses any cancer-related needs of underserved populations

Describe the work your organization currently does in partnership or collaboration with the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute

Identify any OHSU Knight Cancer Institute staff or faculty members who can speak to the benefits of this initiative and your organization.