Stories of Hope

Many people support the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute because of the hope they found here. They help spread hope by volunteering their time and talents, fundraising on our behalf and making donations. Their conviction that the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute does good things makes them some of our strongest partners in the fight against cancer.

My Story of Hope

rob shick desk_rs
Rob Shick is a cancer survivor – and a tireless advocate for the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute’s efforts to end cancer as we know it. By sharing his story of survival, he’s made it possible for scientists to do more research and patients and families to benefit from the treatments available here.

At age 44, Rob had always been healthy and active, so he was shocked to hear that he had leukemia. He started taking Gleevec, the cancer drug developed by OHSU Knight Cancer Institute Director Dr. Brian Druker. “Within five weeks, my blood count was back in the normal range,” Rob says. He never missed a day of work, a workout or any of his children’s activities. “Dr. Druker’s development of Gleevec opened the door to a bright new future for cancer patients and scientists, who can now develop more effective, less toxic treatments,” says Rob.

Because Rob knows the meaning of hope firsthand, his commitment to helping the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute is unwavering. Since 2006, he has served on the Knight Cancer Institute Council, a group of volunteers dedicated to high-level fundraising and advocacy. He co-chaired with Dick Rubinstein the Knight's $10 million Center for Cancer Cell Signaling campaign, helping to build one of our newest research labs. Today Rob is chair of the council.

Even now, Rob isn’t slowing down. He has spoken at more than 120 lunches, meetings and other events around the Northwest to raise support for the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute. He has appeared on TV news and in videos to share his story and made personal connections with thousands of patients and family members. In turn, these people have become OHSU Knight Cancer Institute supporters.

“To me, Dr. Druker is a hero,” Rob says. In giving back to those who helped him, Rob is a hero in the fight to end cancer. Learn How you can Help