Cancer registries are databases of cancer diagnosis and individual information are compiled and used in research. They offer concerned individuals the opportunity to participate in research, and investigators opportunities to conduct valuable research.

Personalized Cancer Medicine Registry (PCMR)

The Personalized Cancer Medicine Registry (PCMR) is a registry of patients who have consented to this tumor genotyping, as well as to future contact for health updates and potential study opportunities. The registry will include molecular, clinicopathologic, and staging information, which is stored and can readily be searched as trials of new targeted therapies are opened up. This Registry will allow providers to enroll patients into trials based on a molecular fingerprint of their tumor, which should maximize the likelihood of a good therapeutic response.

Cancer Registry

The Cancer Registry at OHSU was originally established in the early 1960’s and has been in continuous operation since. The Cancer Registry maintains a wide range of detailed demographic, diagnostic, treatment and outcomes data on all patients with a diagnosis of malignancy, as well as all primary brain/CNS tumors whether benign or malignant. The data is utilized in a variety of ways, such as the evaluation of efficacy of treatment modalities, analyses of patient outcomes and the routine submission of data to the state and national databases. The Cancer Registry is an integral part of the OHSU Cancer Program and is required for Commission on Cancer (CoC) accreditation.