Liver Specialist Treatment for Liver Cancer

Liver cancer often happens when you have a chronic (long lasting) liver disease such as liver cirrhosis. So decisions about how to treat liver cancer can depend on how much the liver disease has already affected your liver.

The liver disease specialist is called a "hepatologist." He or she can look for signs of liver cancer, using blood tests and imaging tests. Imaging tests show pictures of the inside of the body. Common imaging tests are a CT scan or CAT scan, MRI and ultrasound.

You might also have a test called an "angiogram." This test uses X-rays and an injection (shot) of dye before the test. The dye makes your blood vessels show up more clearly on the X-ray. So the liver disease specialist can see if cancer is present and also see the blood supply to the tumor. Doctors can do an angiogram with a CT scan or MRI scan as well as an X-ray.

A liver specialist on your liver cancer team

When you come to the to the liver tumor clinic at the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, you will see a liver disease specialist. This specialist is trained to care for patients with all types of liver disease. He or she works with the entire liver cancer team to create a treatment plan for the cancer and your liver disease.

After your liver cancer treatment, you see a liver disease specialist again. This doctor checks to make sure your body responded well to treatment. He or she also checks your liver disease and treats it when necessary.

The most advanced treatment for liver cirrhosis and liver cancer

OHSU Knight Cancer Institute is part of Oregon's only academic health center, or research university. So our liver disease specialists take part in research studies of new liver cirrhosis and liver cancer treatments. They know of the newest, most effective treatments, and can talk with you about the best options for your situation.