Cancer Types and Treatments

At OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, we treat all common and most rare cancers as well as blood disorders. To provide our expert and personalized care, we provide coordinated care clinics that help patients and families navigate the complex world of cancer treatment. Our coordinated care teams include doctors, nurses, therapists and other specialists who are experts in treating each specific type of cancer. Learn how we deliver comprehensive and collaborative care to treat your cancer.

If you do not see a specific cancer listed above, use the information search below to find out more about treatment options for other cancer types.


The OHSU Knight Cancer Institute is known worldwide for its contributions to the fight against cancer. We are the only center in Oregon designated by the National Cancer Institute an honor reserved for the top cancer centers in the U.S. We have more than 500 research scientists, healthcare professionals and staff working every day to heal patients and discover new ways to treat cancer. Our expert cancer treatment and supporting services include:

  • Medical Therapy: Our team of hematology and medical oncology experts diagnose and treat blood cancers and other blood disorders.
  • Surgical Services: Our surgical oncology team provides consultations, treatment planning, surgical care and follow-up services for adult patients with cancer.
  • Radiation Therapy: We use the latest radiation therapy technologies available and tailor treatments for your specific cancer.
  • Cancer Registries: Our registries are cancer information databases that researchers use to gain insight into how cancer works.
  • Support Services: Our team of social workers, dieticians, acupuncturists, physical therapists and more are ready to help you through your cancer treatment and recovery.
  • Pharmacy: Our five convenient OHSU pharmacies provide routine to specialty medications and can refill prescriptions by mail.
  • Diagnostic Laboratories: The Knight Diagnostic Laboratories offers a wide range of molecular and genetic tests for oncology, infectious diseases, and rare genetic disorders.

We treat all common and most rare cancers as well as blood disorders. The information search below will direct you to the team who treats your cancer or disease and provide you with our treatment options.

Our cancer doctors are fellowship-trained, have extensive knowledge and focus on an individual type of cancer. They have dedicated their careers to fighting that one particular disease. Organized into multidisciplinary care teams focused on specific types of cancer, our scientists and specialists from medicine, surgery, radiation therapy, nursing, social work and other areas work together to provide you with individualized diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and follow-up care.

The doctor search below will help you learn more about our cancer experts.