Radiation Therapy for Colon Cancer

Radiation therapy can be an important part of colon or rectal cancer treatment.

Radiation therapy is used to destroy any colon or rectal cancer cells that remain after surgery. Radiation is usually used to treat rectal cancers, or cancers that cannot be treated with surgery. It can also be used to relieve cancer symptoms.

The doctor who decides what areas to treat and how they are treated is your radiation oncologist, part of your coordinated care team.

At the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, we have state-of-the-art treatment and imaging technology and are leaders in image-guided radiation therapy. We are also the only hospital in Oregon and SW Washington to use Mobetron therapy. This type of radiation delivers precisely controlled energy to the area directly around a tumor without going through healthy tissue.

Because Mobetron therapy is so precise, treatment takes less time than external beam radiation. It can lower the overall dose of radiation that your body receives. And because electron beams penetrate less than X-rays, it can be given in any operating room, without the need for special shielding. Using Mobetron can mean fewer treatments and side effects.

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