Brain Tumor Treatment Options

Brain Cancer Treatment Options

Your team at the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute includes brain cancer doctors experienced with the latest treatments and technologies. Our neurologists, neurosurgeons, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists will work together to bring you the best in  compassionate care.

OHSU brain cancer specialists customize every treatment plan to meet the patient’s needs. We’ll work together to decide on the best plan for you.

Your options for brain cancer treatment at the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute include surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. The best treatment for you will depend on the type of brain tumor you have, your general health and other factors.

Surgical Services

With the most experienced surgeons, performing 100 cranial surgeries annually. We perform more cranial surgeries than any other hospital in Oregon.  Most adult brain tumors are diagnosed and removed in surgery. The goal is to preserve neurological function. A biopsy is also part of this process to examine the tissue more thoroughly for a more complete diagnosis.

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Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is a form of treatment for brain cancer and other conditions. It uses high energy X-rays, electrons or both to kill cancer cells. A machine directs the energy to the precise area where it is needed.

You might have brain radiation therapy if:

  • Surgery does not remove the entire brain tumor
  • The tumor is located where doctors cannot safely remove it
  • Your type of brain cancer is not usually treated with surgery

Radiation treatment for brain tumors can kill cancer cells that are left behind after surgery. Radiation therapy can also shrink brain cancers before surgery.

Medical therapy (Chemotherapy)

Chemotherapy is the use of medicine (drugs) to kill cancer cells. It is one of the most common treatments for cancer. Many brain cancers are treated with chemotherapy in addition to surgery or radiation.

The neurological oncologist at the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute will work closely with your brain cancer surgeon, radiation oncologist and other members of your multidisciplinary cancer care team to create an individualized treatment plan for you.