Meet a Team Member

Dorothy Hargrove, chief radiation therapist
OHSU Knight Cancer Institute

Dorothy HargroveMy role is to deliver radiation treatment. At the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, we use radiation therapy for brain cancer as well as many other cancers and conditions.

The other radiation therapists and I welcome patients to the treatment room. If you are a patient, we will show you the equipment, explain how everything works and make you as comfortable as possible. During treatment, we monitor all aspects of the radiation treatment to ensure you are treated precisely as the doctor prescribed.  

Radiation therapists at the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute are part caregiver, part counselor. I am here to treat you, comfort and care for you. I can honestly tell you that radiation does not hurt and I’ll answer any questions you have.  I can supply you with a warm blanket and even help you choose a satellite radio station to listen to during treatment.

Our care is very hands-on. We help you onto and off of the couch for each treatment and walk with you from room to room. When you’re in the radiation therapy center, everybody is on your team.   

The OHSU Knight Cancer Institute uses the latest radiation therapy technology. This includes Novalis Tx radiosurgery with RapidArc, which has sped up many treatments dramatically. The typical treatment time used to be about 30 minutes, and this has been cut in half for some cases. Several of our treatment times are shorter. This makes treatment easier for many patients.

We get so many thank-you cards from patients. When they come in, they are the ones who have the problem, yet they are upbeat, friendly and giving. One therapist put together an album of all the cards -- now it’s in the waiting room for other patients to look at. Our patients are the reason we do this job.